Why Musicians Love High-Impedance Preamps. Loading drags down the output of your guitar or mic. The effect is muffled, indistinct sound with flattened dyamics. But when you play into a high impedance, your tone has heart. ... I've drawn a schematic for a circuit that should do the job (right). I built the circuit on a plugboard and tested with. In the circumstance any time point A reaches 0V and point B is in +100mV. point D is going to be at. VB x R5/ (R1 + R9) = 90mV. As a result point C will in addition be at +90mV. The voltage around R4 will probably be 90mV and voltage around Rl is going to be 810mV (9 x 90mV). This implies the output voltage ought to be +900mV. If I'd got asked for a mic preamp optimised for ribbon and moving coil microphones, this would be one possible answer. Design D: D_r1.pdf. That's an elaboration of the "shared gain" topology of which I have already posted two (less detailed) schematics. I can give reference to Steve Dove for the basic idea. DIY Prototype: To check out the circuit before committing to the project, I designed a turret board layout for the schematic, and built it on a preamp / small amp prototyping rig with an extra tube socket.PSpice simulation predicted ~10 mA HV DC current draw, which was confirmed by measurement. Dual channel version: By using more compact components, I built two channels of the circuit into.

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